BALANCE is an interactive web-based Level of Service solution built in partnership with OGRA (Ontario Good Roads Association) and ORFA (Ontario Recreation Facilities Association).

Balance is designed to help municipalities conform to provincial Asset Management regulations for Level of Service (LoS).

Balance uses the asset information stored within both OGRA's MDW and ORFA's RFAM software to track the current Level of Service on an organization’s assets.

Balance assists all department heads to collaborate in establishing and adopting a unified Level of Service throughout the organization.

Balance offers an integrated view of:
  • Asset Inventory
  • Consequence of Failure (CoF)
  • Probability of Failure (PoF)
  • Cost
Level of Service
BALANCE is designed to help municipalities get a better understanding of how their assets’ current condition compares to the desired Level of Service (LoS). This allows the municipality to determine maintenance and budget needs or to decide if their desired LoS is attainable and may need to be reconsidered.
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Asset Details Conditions
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BALANCE displays the risk of municipal asset classes into 5 separate categories.
  • Health & Safety
  • Operational and Internal Demand
  • Environmental
  • Financial
  • Legal & Regulatory Compliance
A description is given to each Asset Category based on the level of risk.A category with a higher number poses a higher risk to the municipality. This module helps lay out not only the level of risk but also what the impact of failure would be for each asset. The descriptions can be adjusted in the lookup module to reflect the circumstances in every municipality.
For any given Asset Category, users can view each individual assets and their associated risk. The risk of each asset makes up the average that is shown on the main page. Each risk gives users in-depth information into each asset enabling them to determine which specific asset poses a high risk to the municipality.
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History Details
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On iPad
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The Smartcast module allows users to enter the financial details associated to a specific asset. These details include replacement cost, maintenance costs, and allocated budget which results in an assets unfunded liability.
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Financial Forecasts
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Risk Assessment
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Reports offer a unique customized view of data already in the system to determine and track the condition, risk and cost of the assets a municipality oversees. These reports allow managers to provide council with proof and documentation to support their request to better maintain the safety of municipal assets through funding, training or additional staff.
Designated users are able to determine and define the standards for their municipality. Such information that is customizable for each municipality is asset weighting, CoF grades, useful life vs. condition rating, lifecycle event, lifecycle cost, and the description for each of the 5 forms of risk. The Lookups module is designed to allow the municipality to customize features of the product to best suit their needs and how they track and manage their municipal asset risk.

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