The MiInspector Building Module assists Chief Building Officials, Building Inspectors, Clerks and other municipal staff with their daily tasks to view, edit and update both tabular and graphical data associated with municipal building permits. The MiInspector consistent web-based forms make it easy to deploy, customize and train all level of staff. All forms contain a number of discreet tabs across the top of the page which are made available through the system admin to each user.


My Permits

Assign permits to individual inspectors or the collective group. Upon login the individual inspector will be presented with a list of active permits which would be assigned to him.

Archived Permits

Archive permits to move all completed permits prior to a given date from the active server tables into different tables which allow the optimization of active permits as well as uncluttered an Active Permit section.

Plan Exam History

The Plan Exam History assists with the management of time associated with reviewing the process and associated documentation. This component maintains information associated with property description, action, review status, inspection dates, date completed and any additional comments.


The History Component enables the inspector to update the inspections and status of an individual permit. The form contains the ability to manage mileage, inspection type, inspection date, inspection action, follow up date, milestone date, and completed date.

Document Attachment History

The Document Attachment History enables the management of photos, images and documents to individual permits.


Consultant forms contains updated information such as name, address and phone numbers associated to various contractors including, building, plumbing, HVAC and others.

Online Reports

Online Reports such as, Stats Canada, MPAC, Permit, Occupancy, and Infraction can be printed on mobile devices and left at client site.


The web calendar can be customized to provide milestone information for the inspector.

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