Data Migration

Data Connectivity

The successful deployment of SQL 2008 has enabled many clients to have multiple users edit one contiguous file. The Data Connect dialog box to attach any non-DWG data source: database formats, such as SQL Server 2008; raster files; or spatial data files, such as SDF and SHP. The user can then “Check-Out” the features for editing and "Check-In" once edit completed.

Property & Street Information

Ownership data is typically displayed from either MPAC or clients TAX systems and is accomplished through direct connection or data views. Marmak has created a number of standalone applications which import MPAC data into predefined tables within the various solutions. Equally as important to the MPAC data is an accurate and up to date street file index.

Tax System Integration

Marmak has integrated into a number of different tax systems including Vadim, Great Plains, and Navision. Links to critical and related information are achieved through pre-built dataviews which enable the users to do a wild card search. The return search results will allow the users to populate the related fields such as Roll Number, Mailing Address, Legal Text.

MDW/MIDS Integration

Through an Asset ID hyper link, MiTown 2.0 offers integration to the MDW product. The FieldCrew infrastructure asset location module is built on the Municipal Infrastructure Data Model (MIDS II). The current MIDS II web forms connect to a Microsoft SQL database and come complete with input entry forms, dynamic queries, and individual location forms. These web based forms empower the user to input, edit and update information associated to any infrastructure data table. Additional functionality includes the "AD-Hoc Query Builder" enabling the user to query data. The web based forms are interactive with the graphical interface enabling the user to edit data from either the tabular forms or the graphical interface.

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