Many municipalities are turning to Historical Information Retrieval Management Systems (HIRMS) to manage and leverage their digital design data investment.

HIRMS is customized for municipal departments including, Public Works, Planning, Facility Management, and Building.

HIRMS stores, manages, indexes, retrieves, and prints scanned engineering archival information. HIRMS ensures that collaborative teams are sharing the most accurate and up to date drawings. Users log in from a predefined menu. Upon login authentication, the user is presented with a menu specific to his user group. Users can conveniently view, edit and index a wide format documents.

Advanced functionality includes search capabilities allowing the user to rapidly retrieve specific documents using any number or combination of search parameters. Such search parameters include content, keywords, file properties, author, version number, and metadata.

HIRMS is customized for municipal departments including Public Works, Planning, Facility Management and Building

At a Glance

  • Predefined Query
  • Add New Records
  • View Digital Files
  • Export
  • Email
  • Custom Fields
  • Integration to MDW

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