Electronic Plan Review Module


The Electronic Plan Review Module process has always been paper-intensive, costly, time-consuming and often, complicated.

Once the permit application is submitted, applicants can upload drawing files to the review department securely over the Internet. All review department personnel that need to work on approving the plans are notified automatically and the digital review process begins.

Applicants are notified when re-submission is required and the process repeats itself until final approval. Inspectors can also access projects and drawings to make notes for updates to approved plans that become as-built. Upon completion, applications can export the project to archive or to an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).

The Workflow Engine, working with intelligent electronic Forms, automates and guides the review and approval process, from initial project creation and plan review to the finishing touches on the as-built drawings.

Important documents are never lost, misplaced or delayed. All project information is kept in one location and each review department can access it anytime, from anywhere that has Internet access. This Electronic Plan makes it easy for review personnel to work together with the citizen-applicant during the process. Once permission is granted, the citizen has access to the convenience of self-service access when inquiring about the review status or checking for updates.

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