FieldCrew is a comprehensive web-based municipal solution for the management and location of various municipal infrastructure assets. These components improve the user’s ability to improve the structure of their data quality, data replication and data maintenance.

FieldCrew utilizes Microsoft .Net web environment providing maximum flexibility to browser query view and update tabular data. A database model can built on SQL, SQL Spatial 2008, and oracle.

FieldCrew contains several distinct modules which can be utilized separately or combined into one cohesive interface. Each of the modules offers a graphical and tabular view of the associated data.

System Administrator

Without the need of programming skills, the Administrator can update and review all look up tables defined in the system, create users and groups, assign privileges and control access to data and layers as well as high level customization of the browser window.

Spatial Database

With the release of Microsoft SQL 2008 Autodesk clients can now store tabular and graphical data in one comprehensive data model. This approach eliminates the need for multiple revisions of .DGW files within a municipality. Further graphical changes made at the desktop can be instantly made available to the rest of the corporation through a web browser.

Desktop Functionality

Marmak is extending the integration of infrastructure data from the web to the Autodesk Desktop. The drafting technician has the ability to link graphical elements to existing tabular data. Once the user selects the graphical element a custom built form appears for data entry or update. This update is applied directly to the database and available to the general user through the FieldCrew web forms.

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