Land Information System (LISA)


Land information management starts with an accurate spatial reference framework providing linkage between graphical data (including coordinate system, legal system, aerial photography) and tabular ownership data.

Land Information System Application (LISA) empowers municipal staff including Clerks and those in the Building, Planning, and Engineering departments with their daily tasks to view, edit and update municipal permits and associated graphical data.

Utilizing best of breed technologies LISA enhances the efficiency of decision makers and improves municipal operations. The LISA solution utilizes one comprehensive interface which drastically reduces deployment time and operating costs.

LISA is designed to acquire, manage, retrieve, analyze, and display land records. The simplified user interface is designed to help users find, access, and share tabular and graphical data. The user is able to quickly and easily search and access maps and associated tabular data. The simple to use interface provides municipal staff one-stop services for all municipal data products.

LISA is a web-based solution built on a proven municipal data model which runs on both SQL, and Oracle, built entirely on Microsoft .NET, and offers both static and dynamic reports built on CRYSTAL, PDF, SQL and WORD.


  • Saving customers the frustration of running from department to department to get the              information they need.
  • Frees up other departments to focus on specific questions and issues rather than              general information.
  • Provides access to reliable land information necessary for many public programs


  • Property Information Module
  • Property Permits Module
  • Planning Module
  • Bylaw Infractions Module
  • Fire Inspections Module
  • Associated files
  • Notifications
  • Reports

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