June 19, 2012 saw Royal Assent given to Bill 8, the Ontario Underground Infrastructure Notification System Act, 2012. (OUINSA2012). This Act requires anyone planning "to disturb the ground" to contact Ontario One Call (ON1Call) at least 5 business days ahead of time to request a locate, which will notify the owners of infrastructure in the vicinity of the digging to identify their buried facilities.

The Act also requires all owners of buried facilities to register with ON1Call within 12 (or 24) months. This means that any organization with buried facilities that cross a public right of way - such as a utility, municipality or hospital, and many private organizations - is now required to become a member of ON1Call.

This Act will make digging in the Province safer and easier for contractors and homeowners alike, by ensuring buried cables and pipes are identified before anyone starts digging.

The Locate component is used to assist Public Works staff with managing both water locates and service connections. Until July 2014, anyone planning to disturb the ground in Ontario – homeowners and contractors - must ensure they contact every owner of buried infrastructure in the vicinity of the digging site at least 5 working days ahead of the planned excavation.

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