Municipal DataWorks (MDW)

Every municipality regardless of size has data issues. Municipalities know how many meters of concrete sidewalk they maintain, have some data on sanitary and storm sewers under their roads and know that they own several pickup trucks, fire trucks and buildings.

Municipal DataWorks (MDW) is a Member Service of the Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) that provides a web based "asset management business solution" designed to assist municipalities with the task of maintaining and managing their tangible capital assets.

MDW provides OGRA with high level aggregate data on municipal infrastructure that will be used by OGRA to advocate for sustainable funding on behalf of their members. MDW turns data into information usable by policy-makers in understanding the level of investment required to maintain infrastructure.

MDW was originally created as a data repository for Ontario municipalities to store road and bridge condition data along with attribute information. Recent upgrades to the MDW program have seen the creation of an asset valuation module to assist with Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) compliance and a capital planning tool.

Tagging assets with business groups such as "Public Works" allows the client to organize AV reports to answer the question, what is the value of all Public Works assets? The Profile Administrator for the municipality can set up as many business groups as required. Each asset can be tagged with multiple business groups.

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