MiTown is a web-based solution which incorporates the functionalities of both a powerful web-based GIS viewer with the dynamic tabular capabilities of a report builder. This versatile solution integrates graphical information with its corresponding tabular information as well as empowers internal and mobile staff to view, edit and update both tabular and graphical data.

MiTown comes complete with a System Administrator Module which dynamically updates users and privileges for the entire system. The System Administrator creates users and groups, assigns privileges, and controls access to data and layers without the need of programming skills.

At a Glance

MiTown enriched functionality includes:

  • System Administrator Module
  • Multiple Tabular Views
  • Generate Tabular Reports
  • Mobile Data Synchronization
  • Buffer Report
  • Mail Notification
  • Locate Functions
  • Red Lining
  • Thematic Mapping
  • Dynamic Authoring
  • Dynamic Ad Hoc Queries
  • Advanced Query Capabilities


Integrate our GIS as a corporate data viewer into existing solutions including:

  • Customer Care Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Document Management
  • Economic Development
  • Building Permit Management

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