Planning Module


The Planning Module offers access to a number of forms utilized for the management of the planning process within the Planning Department. These forms include Property Information, Consent, Encroachment, Minor Variance, Official Plan, Site Plan, Subdivision, Zoning, and Report Menu.

Letter of Notification

A Letter of Notification or circulation memos is generally generated from a GIS interface. The user within the MiLISA launches the GIS by selecting the appropriate property.

The GIS zooms into the selected property and a wizard then proceeds to walk the user through the various steps. When executing the buffer function the GIS will automatically display the tabular data and merge a mailer and notification.

Letter of Compliance

The Letter of Compliance manages such information as the Reference Number, Registered Owner, and Municipal Address. The Municipal Compliance Letter outlines information supplied to the Municipality such as Registered Owners, Municipal Address, Date of Survey, Existing Use(s), and Proposed Use(s) as well as information from the Planning Department, Public Works Department, Building Department, Treasury Department and Fire Department.

Planning Components


Contains Consent Number, Applicant, Decision, Various Milestone dates and File Status.


Contains Encroachment Number, Owner, Approval, Milestone Dates, Zoning Designations and File Status.

Minor Variance

Contains Variance Number, Owner, Decision, and File Status.

Official Plan

Contains Plan Number, By-Law number, Plan Amendment Number and Approved/Refused Date.

Site Plan

Contains Site Plan Number, Applicant, Approval, and File Status.


Approved Date, Registered Date, and File Status.


Contains Zoning Number, Date Received, Motion Number, Approval, and By-Law Number.

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