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The critical issues for project success are not in the technology but in the management. The automation of major information systems represents significant change to long-standing processes; careful attention must be given to the implementation to maximize return on investment. Project Management methodology reduces the chance of failure by providing a disciplined approach and proper management based on lessons learned.

To get the project off to a good start, the methodology provides a comprehensive planning process that establishes a sound definition of the work to be performed and generates a solid understanding of the commitments being undertaken. To keep the project on track the methodology includes processes for managing each of the key elements of the project including managing the scope and requirements, developing an effective customer relationship, and creating a productive and motivated project team.

A successful project complete is achieved by ensuring prompt customer acceptance of deliverables and ensuring a satisfactory close out of the project once all of the deliverables have been accepted.

Quality Management Methodology defines the quality requirements with the customer, provides confidence to internal and customer management that the project’s products satisfy customer expectations. Defined responsibility provides guidance, direction and support in order htat the roject progresses as per the expected cost and timeline.


The Governance Model

Facilitates business and technical planning processes by ensuring the complete participation of all departments in defining, implementing and managing the project.

Development Team Model

Involves a team of peers working together in interdependent and cooperating roles.

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