Road Patrol

Ontario Provincial regulations mandate that municipalities must monitor and keep records of all roads, patrol activities and winter operations.

The Municipal Roads Operations department has implemented an automated vehicle locator, a global positioning solution for reporting and tracking winter maintenance activities, as well as the year round road patrol.

Road Patrol enhances the current paper tracking of activities and material usage by deploying web-based forms to capture additional data elements. Road Patrol assists through enhanced record keeping. These records provide more accurate documentation to confirm adherence to the Minimum Maintenance Standards and Performance Standards and allows for more accurate tracking and optimization of equipment deployment.

Vehicles have a touch screen unit mounted in the cabs which the driver can use to input data, when safe to do so. Road Patrol replaces paper records with real-time data, multiple reporting and map options of vehicle activity. Additionally, the patrol vehicles can document road deficiency details and observations that are time stamped and GPS recorded.

There are opportunities for integration to municipal IT network infrastructure, to interface the data into Geographic Information Systems for staff to visually map and query truck activity, as well as capture other data automatically through various sensors

Operations Staff can also utilize Road Patrol to collect the annual Sign Reflectivity Inspection data by utilizing GPS coordinates of any deficient traffic signs and generated work orders for sign replacement. These records can be used to update the asset inventory in the Fieldcrew sign module and confirmation the sign inspection was completed.

The Road Patrol data is useful for trending, budgeting for winter activities and route optimization. By having real time information, staff can enhance their winter event response by determining the rate of the material which is supported by observed weather and road conditions.

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