SimpliCity is a simple to use web-based viewer that assists the user to locate related graphical and tabular data.

SimpliCity is designed on existing current architecture and technologies providing the end user with a robust, non-plug-in, and user friendly environment much like Google Map or Microsoft Map Point. The flexible technology allows for the option of bi-directional data manipulation between Autodesk desktop environment products and Autodesk web spatial product utilizing multiple FDO protocols. When selecting a graphical entity within the viewer, any web-based third party application icon is activated and the user launches the tabular application.

The various web skins make SimpliCity an ideal GIS interface for various applications including:


Migrate a complete municipal GIS and tabular data.

Site Locator

Deploy hundreds of graphical layers and tabular data provided by a number of public agencies.


Deploy entire mapping for Cemetery Management System.

Facility Management

Integrate scanned, digitized, graphical and tabular facility data.

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