Staff training is the single most reliable method to ensure users buy-in and that the new systems will function at peak performance. Training encompasses all aspects of the solution including all components and features related to the final product in order to successfully deploy, use and maintain the solution. It includes program installation and maintenance, backup of data, report creation, as well as setting up users and their permissions.


Involves ‘live’ classroom training. The client gets the face-to-face attention of an instructor and the benefit of peer interaction. Instructor-led training is highly effective especially for training smaller groups of people.

System Administrator

Focuses on the user who will be maintaining and updating the data and system. It offers fundamentals to explain the in-depth information related to software and application components. It includes the understanding of setting up users, roles, reports, and various look-up tables.

End User

These users are trained on using search criteria and reviewing input forms, inspections, attachments and appropriate reports. This training focuses on tasks to be accomplished by the end user and avoids technical details.


Hands-on developer training (such as API training) is discussed in full detail.

Data Management

Specific product API training for the users/developers to assist in the development of data management tools.

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