The effective management of municipal water is ever more critical. There is a growing need by municipalities and water utilities to find better ways to prioritize their infrastructure asset maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement projects.

As infrastructure ages, it becomes increasingly more challenging to assign limited capital expenditures to the repair, rehabilitation or replacement of the assets. The managers of water systems require a reasonable assessment of its current condition coupled with a reliable methodology to forecast future condition under different management scenarios including:

  1. Criticality Model
  2. Performance Model
  3. Management Model
  4. Information Management Model

The water component is utilized to manage infrastructure information associated with the maintenance and repair of the water infrastructure. Utilizing the web forms, repairs and historical data is stored in tables and relationships which are relevant for water monitoring are established. User can, at a glance, review historical information such as flushing, inspections, repairs, and hydrant checks. Web based forms enable the user to locate and maintain water assets and their associated history.

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