Marmak Group of Companies consists of:
  • Marmak Industries Ltd., a reseller of municipal solutions
  • Marmak Services Ltd., a software development company
  • Elmet Industries Ltd., a software and hardware leasing company
Since its founding in 1980, Marmak is privately owned and managed by its principals. Marmak strives to exceed client expectations while continuing to grow in becoming a responsive provider of municipal asset management solutions.
In 1999, Marmak established the Municipal Partnership Program to assist municipalities implement asset management solutions to Canadian municipalities.
Today, Marmak delivers services, products, and proven enterprise solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner to over 200 municipalities.
Marmak continues to grow its solutions offerings and garner a superb reputation for delivering effective web-based municipal solutions.



2019 Marmak is chosen by MFOA to assist with the AMP it Up 2.0 program
2019 Marmak joins RFABC in promoting RFAM on the West Coast
2018 Marmak partners with the RFANS and AARFP to promote RFAM to their members
2016 Marmak partners with ORFA to develop the RFAM solution
2013 Marmak was selected as custodian of OGRA’s MDW
2013 established the Municipal Lighthouse Initiative
2008 established the LISA user group
1999 established the Autodesk MapGuide Municipal partnership
In 2007 Marmak is awarded Autodesk ISV status
In 2006 Marmak deploys Mi Town in western Canada
In 2005 Marmak establishes a national reseller channel
In 2001 Marmak becomes a GIS "Autodesk System Centre"
In 2000 Marmak begins developing municipal web based GIS Solutions
In 1999 Marmak receives Autodesk Canada "Top GIS Reseller" award
In 1998 Marmak receives Autodesk Canada's "Presidents Club" award
In 1997 Marmak begins developing MapGuide™ applications
In 1996 Marmak receives Autodesk Canada "Rookie of the Year" award
In 1996 Marmak becomes an Autodesk Inc. Value Added Reseller
In 1991 Marmak establishes "Marmak Information Technologies"
In 1982 Marmak Industries establishes MultiPath
In 1980 Marmak Industries Ltd. is incorporated
In 2016 Marmak releases RFAM
In 2013 Marmak acquires MRCompliance
In 2010 Marmak releases LISA
In 2010 Marmak releases MiSymmetry
In 2009 Marmak releases FieldCrew
In 2008 Marmak releases SimpliCity
In 2006 Marmak releases MiEDO
In 2006 Marmak releases ComTrack
In 2005 Marmak releases MiInspector
In 2003 Marmak releases MiTown
In 2003 Marmak releases HIRMS
In 2002 Marmak releases Web Clerk
In 2002 Marmak releases GIS Frameworks

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