MR Compliance

MR Compliance

Designed by road supervisors for staff, the system allows electronic reporting of routine and winter road patrols as well as sign reflectivity. With this system, municipal operators spend less time logging deficiency data and generating work orders. The MR Compliance (MRC) system can be run on more than one device simultaneously as all application data, including historical records, is stored in a central database on a client server.
The administrator can create multiple users with various permissions. This section of the application is used to create Patrol areas and identify applicable road sections.
MRC administrator functions are:
  • Create Assets
  • Edit Roads/Assets
  • Delete Roads/Assets
  • Create/Edit Road Surfaces
  • Create/Edit Sign Types
  • Manage Map Layers
  • Manage Owners
The MRC dashboard is a graphical representation of the patrol data.
Users can:
  • View patrol activity
  • See work order status
  • Determine the number of deficiencies within a specified time period
  • Tabulate the requests received on a monthly basis
  • Identify the “Top 10” problematic road sections and their recorded deficienciess



The storage, viewing and reporting of road classifications and enables patrollers to enter and record initial road and weather conditions and point-intime changes to conditions throughout patrols. The application also allows patrollers to record Plow Call Outs. The application allows the user to identify the location of any deficiency found. Deficiencies may include potholes, cracks, shoulder drop-offs, regulatory sign deficiencies, street light deficiencies, traffic signals, bridge deck spalls and other bridge surface deficiencies. The system allows deficiency entries outside patrol areas be identified.

Winter Patrols

Summer Patrols

Routine Patrols

Work Order
MRC allows the user to view deficiencies and create work orders that outline repair deadlines and additional comments. The Create Case portal enables staff to create a deficiency report by identifying the incident location, type of request and assign to a staff member.

Service Requests

Work Order


MRC comes with several predefined reports including a map based report of road sections that are not in compliance with MMS standards. Other reports are:
- Patrol Routine - Work Order Report
- Patrol Log Report - Work Order by Deficiency
- Deficiency Summary - Winter Service History
- Deficiency Details - Winter Google Maps /td>
- Deficiency by Year - Winter Patrol
- Deficiency Response Time - Sign Reflectivity
- Work Order Status

User Chart

Deficiency Chart

Top Ten